CEO Mark Hurd Looks to Integrate ‘Best-of-Breed’ to Advance Oracle’ Success

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Mark Hurd CEO of Oracle has only been in the job for a little over seven years, but he has quickly established himself a leader in the technology world. With 25 years of experience at NCR Corporation, Hurd was the ideal leader to take over the role of CEO when he was hired in 2010, and since then he has done nothing but provide a vision sure to continue to make Oracle one of the leading organizations for technology on the planet.

To accomplish this goal, the CEO is focused on what he refers to as the integration of the “best-of-breed” pieces. When taking over Oracle, Hurd opted to use a metaphor related to the way that dog breeding occurs. In this practice, the dog breeder chooses the very best males and females within a specific breed to be able to advance the success of the breed.

While this may not seem like it would be the ideal metaphor to use in relation to expanding on the success of a technology oriented company, there really is a method to what the CEO is talking about here. Hurd is not just looking for Oracle to be a success in specific areas of the technology world, but is looking to take the very best practices of the company, and integrate them together so that Oracle can advance to even greater lengths and degrees than they already have.

The use of this metaphor even shows that the CEO has the requisite ability to think outside the box so that Oracle can be an even greater success than they already are. In his nearly 7 years of running the company, the tech giant has become one of the top technological innovators on the planet, and there appears to be no end to that in sight.