Management Style Of Professional Corporate CEO

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Being the CEO of any big company, especially if it is the IT Company and runs profitably, is not so easy.  CEO has to handle all the things in the most professional manner in order to help the company to maintain its growth. Oracle’s Mark Hurd is one of the most inspiring personalities around the world.  He is a smart working man who has aimed at cost cutting and quality improving in order to add to the profitability of the company.

Every CEO has a different management style. Mark has his own but his style is remarkable as after his joining in HP and Oracle, there has been a tremendous improvement in the growth rate of the companies. He uses his innovative ideas for designing the corporate strategies for the company and drafting the company’s policy, vision and mission.

Unique corporate strategy and direction

Responsibility of overseeing the corporate directions and corporate strategy of Oracle rests in the hands of Mark Hurd. He focuses on innovation, leadership and customers. Basically, Mark Hurd works professionally on these rules that help the organization to become a successful business. He suggests that by serving the best quality products and services to the customers, it can be very easy for them, to save lots of money of the company.

Since, Mark Hurd has worked in NCR Corporation for about 25 years and has also held several positions in sales, promotion, marketing, human resource, risks analyst etc. has enabled him to get the vast knowledge about various fields of business. This helped the business to gain high efficiency. He took various steps for the organizational success and put efforts in strengthening the product line, drive growth and productivity by motivating the employees. Mark considers that customer satisfaction is a great motivator for organizational success so he took various measures to cater the best in class services to the customers.